The important symptoms of bladder cancer to remember

Harry Redknapp, 73, has been open about many issues regarding his health in the past, and in 2017 he was rushed to hospital for surgery to remove a tumour from his bladder. Birmingham City manager at the time, he revealed fears the tumour might kill him.



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    “I could feel it in my body – I knew it wasn’t right,” he said.

    He added: “I knew I didn’t feel good, you know when something isn’t right, but it was Sandra [his wife] who pushed me to the doctor in the end.”

    Following the surgery the football manager was given the all-clear.

    He continued to The Sun on Sunday: “I am lucky, I know that because it could have been malignant.

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    Harry Redknapp health: The cancer scare that left him 'fearing for his life'

    Harry Redknapp health: The former football manager experienced a cancer scare back in 2017 (Image: GETTY)

    “They cut it out, there was no other option.

    “Once they did that I was up and about after a couple of days.

    “I am relaxed about it now because what can you do?”

    Back in 2011, Redknapp had an operation to unblock coronary arteries.

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    What are the symptoms of bladder cancer?

    Blood in urine is the most common symptoms of bladder cancer, according to the NHS.

    The medical name for this is haematuria and its usually painless.

    “You may notice streaks of blood in your urine or the blood may turn your urine brown,” the health body adds.

    Harry Redknapp health: The cancer scare that left him 'fearing for his life'

    Harry Redknapp health: His wife Sandra urged the football legend to see a doctor (Image: GETTY)


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    “The blood isn’t always noticeable and it may come and go.”

    Less common symptoms of bladder cancer include:

    • A need to urinate on a more frequent basis
    • Sudden urges to urinate
    • A burning sensation when passing urine

    If bladder cancer reaches an advanced stage and begins to spread symptoms can include:

    • Pelvic pain
    • Bone pain
    • Unintentional weight loss
    • Swelling of the legs

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    Harry Redknapp health: The cancer scare that left him 'fearing for his life'

    Cancer symptoms: There are a number of general signs you should look out for (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

    If you experience blood in your urine, even if it comes and goes, you should always visit your GP.

    While having blood in your urine doesn’t mean you definitely have bladder cancer, it’s always best to get it investigated.

    Other cases may be a urinary tract infection, such as cystitis, or a kidney infection.

    Blood in urine can also be caused by an enlarged prostate gland in men.

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